Broadband Services

Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth internet connection, which can send or download information many times faster than the one with a standard cable modem. You can browse; check your email and all other online activities, more quickly and more easily with Broadband.

This connection offers the following features:
1. "Always on" Internet access.

2. No trouble of dialing-up and logging-on each time you want to do something online.

3. Customers and suppliers; friends and family - all are just a click away through email or instant messaging.

4. No surprise costs or restrictions.

5. Make international calls using our VoIP services.

6. View complex and graphic-rich Web sites virtually instantly.

7. Download music, animations and video clips faster than ever.

8. Play interactive games at top speed against gamers around the world.

9. Enjoy uninterrupted access to Internet radio and other real time services.

10. Run your business more efficiently and effectively.

11. Work from home with high speed access to corporate networks and symmetric Broadband services.