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Internet connectivity has become the priority for the business organizations looking for better and faster global operations. Increasingly customers are demanding Leased Internet Access, so that they are connected 24 hours to the Internet and all the users in the organization are on-line.

Yashtel offers high performance internet bandwidth services for its customers which could be offered over any kind of last mile. Allowing symmetric (both uplink and downlink are of the same speed) web access to the customer very much necessary for modern age service usage including Voice, Video, Webcasting, Podcasting, Interactive Communication. In order to meet customer expectations of uptimes and redundancies. Yashtel ensures high speed and a redundant backbone. Moreover, with monitoring tools to check, measure and monitor the backbone.

Our team is committed to helping you succeed.

Advantages of Leased Internet Access over other services (like broadband over DSL-Digital Subscriber Line, cable & dial up) are:

  • Always-on connection.
  • Best route availability resulting in higher uptimes and lower latencies.
  • Secure and private - Leased Access is dedicated entirely to you, which means it is exclusively yours.
  • Speed offering available from 256kbps upto STM1 and beyond.
  • High throughput as no one else uses it. And you have total access to it (24 hours a day), which means there is never delay in sending/receiving information.
  • Reliable – Leased line is delivered on copper, fiber optic or wireless transmission network and is monitored round the clock to provide you with a highly reliable service.
  • Upload and download speeds are the same and wide choice in bandwidth.
  • Leased lines are suitable for web hosting.
  • Leased line can serve hundreds of users simultaneously.
  • Your business will become more efficient and react faster to crucial information.


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