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Why Yashtel

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Customer Service Customer ServiceDownarrow

  • Customer is the reason for our existence and serving them is our motto.
  • We always strive to ensure that customer is completely satisfied with our policies and terms & conditions.
  • We make it a point to take his/her suggestion to serve better.

Commitment CommitmentDownarrow

  • Working with urgency and commitment to be successful from individual and company perspectives.
  • Timeframes are always met unless urgent circumstances mean we have to renegotiate new timeframes with all parties.

Ownership OwnershipDownarrow

  • Taking ownership of our customers’ needs and being accountable for delivering friendly and professional service.
  • We are fully accountable for our work in gaining any possible repeat business with customers.
  • We understand our customers’ business, prepare for all meetings with them

Commitment CommitmentDownarrow

  • Always doing what we say we will and striving for excellence and quality in everything we do.
  • Quality will always delight the client .If we give our word we keep it unless agreed otherwise by all parties.

Ownership OwnershipDownarrow

  • We strongly believe in providing support to one another, working co-operatively, respecting one another’s views, and making our work environment fun and enjoyable.
  • We help others to achieve their deadlines without having to be asked.
  • Key milestones success are celebrated by the whole team.
  • We work with one another with enthusiasm and appreciation. Check with colleagues when unsure and take their help when needed
  • Conflict is brought out into the open and dealt with constructively until all parties are satisfied with the result.


  • Yashtel Internet Services - Cisco
  • Yashtel Internet Services - Dell
  • Yashtel Internet Services - Huawei
  • Yashtel Internet Services - Elite Core